How do I remove the corner lights?

I unscrewed the phillips head screw that holds the lights in, but can’t take the assembly out. I don’t know what is holding it in there, maybe old age?

It should slide right out… Theres a little clip that slides into the side to hold it in position, but that shouldnt have a strong hold on it… Hmm, i donno, try to carefully wiggle it around a bit and see if that loosens it a bit, but be careful not to break it :slight_smile:

OKAY, take dem screws out rite, dont lose em, then with both ur hands grab onto the lense and pull towards the front of the car as hard as u can… i say that becuz ur clip thingies are prolly rusted beyond recognition… but dont pull too far, cuz then u’ll brake dem wires for the corner lites, aite newbie good luck :up: