how do i take out my side view mirror?????

Im trying to paint my side view mirrors so that the color will match with the rest of my car color (WHITE), but i cant seem to figure out how i can disassemble the side view mirrors… your help would be appreciated.

have you disassembled ur door panels yet?
gotta do that first.

NO. you dont have to remove your side pannels. all you do is… lift up that triangular piece on the inside of your door. its like a black cap in the shape of a triangle. then you will see 3 screws. unscrew them. then the little knob that you use to adjust your mirrors has a little tiny cap on it. pull that off. there should be one screw in there . take that out. and your mirrors will come right off.

You should get yourself a repair manual (Haynes, Helms, whatever). It’ll answer a lot of those easy questions:ok:

Here ya go…

NICE… thanx alot guys…