How do you disconnect radiator fan relay?

I’m sick of my radiator fan running like O.J. and draining my battery. A member on here suggested just disconnecting the relay on the right fan. I took a look in, and I can’t get anything loose. I’m tempted to just cut it and get on with my life. Any suggestions?

my suggestion is to not cut wires at random under your engine bay, but it is your car.

I believe the fan stays on because it’s cycled with a coolant temp sensor. I wouldn’t plan on taking out that relay, but maybe the contacts on the relay are sticking or the coolant temp sensor is bad.

yeah, check your coolant temp sensor. The fan stays on (especially if you use the A/C) to cool both the coolant and A/C radiator. the exact diagram for that I don’t have but I’ll check my manual and try to get back to you on this.

You can do one simple trick. Make the power supply to your fan manual! I.e. add a switch to it (better wire it all the way to your dashboard) and switch it off whenever you want and keep it on when you are runing normaly.

The fan should stop at max 15 min. which is not enough to discharge your battary. If so is the case, check your alternator (if it is charging the battery enough) and check your battery too!

I remember you posting about this a while ago! Hope you solve it man.

I hate to sound like a newbie, but where’s the coolant temp sensor, and what am I looking for with it?

My manual is under a ton of stuff somewhere in the trunk of my G2, I’ll dig it out tonight (it’s about time I go through the junk that goes in my trunk whenever I get a back seat passenger!)

I’ll check the diagram for the a/c fan and get back to you.

It wouldn’t hurt to give me a reminder on my email (

'preciate it. If I don’t hear anything in a day or so I’ll email ya. Thanks again.

Jazz, more than likely it is the Fan Timing Control Unit under the dash. The service men at the local Acura dealer told me this was a common problem with older Integras. I replaced the relay and it didn’t fix the problem. Then I replaced the Control Unit and sure enough, I was not late for school or work anymore.

That Fan Timing Control Unit sounds like a winner, too. Where under the dash is it, and how much did it cost to replace?

the thermostat is located in the thermostat housing… just follow the lower radiator hose to the engine.

here’s the cooling fan timer unit

Man, that is really, really helpful. Thanks a thousand. I’ll take a look at it tonight.

Thajazz, no problem.

Geocities just deleted my account. My pics don’t work and they won’t allow me to upload anymore. damn it.

Ouch. What chapter from the manual was that from? Maybe I can get it off of Blackteg’s site.

I got a new Fan Timer Control Unit from Acura for about $130. You might be able to get one from a junk yard but make sure it’s from a car with low miles since they all apparently go bad after a while. Put it in yourself with a wratchet set in about 30 min.

Thermostat is in the radiator/cooling section and the fan timer unit is in the a/c section.

Thanks. I’ll take a look when I can get some daylight…

Sorry but I posted the wrong pic. I posted the thermostat pic, not the coolant temp sensor. The coolant temperature sensor is located behind the upper radiator hose inlet on the engine. It’s in the electrical section of the manual.