How do you know when you have piston slappin valves?

Gonna adjust my cam gears soon…just wondering how and when you know you got problems.
(when you turn the crank by hand to double check)

any other tips would be much appreciated too,

When your valves make contact with pistons, its too late allready.
Claying the piston tops during engine assembly is a great way to determine max cam gear adjustment. There is no room for error here if you are running radical cams, and there is no way to account for slight valve float.


When you turn the crank by hand after adjusting the gears, if you have piston to valve contact you WILL not be able to turn the crank. Plain and simple. Also, if you are using cam gears with stock cams, anything more than +/-2 is not going to do anything for you, and even +3/-3 on stock cams will not cause piston to valve clearance issues. Best of luck Max.

aight thanx Dan; I’m running street cams, and my head was milled by 0.050…

damn bro, you milled down a good amount =)


LODOSS, you from 604 too?
any pics?

icq me man, 1111727

i’m 804 bro.

NO pics yet, but once done modding car, i’ll get pics of it and MOI!

=P i hope my pics don’t scare you guys