How do you properly remove cruise controll?


Just start removing all the parts. Start by unbolting and removing the cruise control box located in the engine bay. Then the cruise control cable. Thats basically it. At that point there will be a couple extra parts (like switches and relays) which can be removed if you want but don’t have to be. Your helms should help you locate and remove all those smaller parts.

The cable was what I was concerned with. I already have everything else. I didn’t take much time to look at it, but it looked like it might be a pain to deal with.

Why remove it… wish I had it!!!

Originally posted by jeepxj66
Why remove it… wish I had it!!!

he didn’t come here to tell you why, he came to ask HOW to remove, so whats the point of your post?

Does removing the cruise control do anything performancewise? If not why remove it?

i wont to remove mine because it doesn’t work. lol.

holy thread bump batman!

I know its an older thread but does anyone have pics of this uninstall?


Seriously, I too would also like some more info on this.

I want to remove mine because it doesnt work anymore.

Bump for info or links with pix

emailed you a link that should help you with a lot of things. :up:

TY sir, now I have something to do at work today, HAH

i bet the cruise control isn’t working because the lil piece fell off behind the clutch pedal which can be fixed by a simple 10mm bolt and washer

i think that my cruise control module is messed up. The horn and the buttons on the steering wheel arent getting any power. i tested the ring plate and there is still current going through and i have already tested the horn on a separate circuit.

im planning on taking out all of the cruise control -> new wiring for horn ->cruise control switch becomes kill switch since it is on far side of dash so passengers wont be able to tell anything anyways.

only prob is manual doesnt say which module under dash is for the cruise control. any help anyone?

I just removed mine today. I only took the control box from under the hood and put a grommet on the firewall. I still have to take out the cruise control brain. Mine kinda worked. I had to push the dash button on, then push the resume button alot (like 20 times) and if it did not come on, then I turn it off and start all over. When I would do this, I would see the cruise control light flash.