How do you put the JDM window visors on DA???

Hey fellas I got a set of JDM window visors for my DA and i am little confused on how or where to start the process of putting them on. Both visors have double sided tape on them to help keep them on and they also have like four bolts and nuts that will firmly secure them to the car even more. I understand the concept of putting them on but I am unsuccessful when i try to. I really do not want to break them cuz of the fact that they are so rare which is why im trying to get some input how did you guys go about putting these on please step by step. Thank you for any input

I’ve done it 2 or 3 times, but ti’s to hard to explain in terms, because you need to slide those brackets on a metal support under the main window seal.

Is there anybody that can help me figure out how to get this started so I can put them on. I can provide pics of the windows and you can point what to start with or etc. Please I am dying to get these things on here asap.

Had them on my DA.
Its just a matter of sliding the metal clips into the rainguards right above your window… add me to msn and I can explain it all