how does a b16 head get put together?

i just bought a b16 head and everything was supose to be included, but im missing lost motion assemblies, cam holders, valve springs, and it isnt put together, please help me find some of these things and how to put it together! is there an online repair manual?

i have an idea of how it goes together but the rocker arms are scattered and would like to have every thing before i put together everything

well your first major problem is you are missing your cam holders. by that do you mean the cam caps or the long bars the go across the entire cams?

If you mean the caps then you are kinda out of luck. You will have to get another set of caps and have the caps slightly cut and align bored for the cams to sit properly, since no head is identical.

the ones that go on top of the cams, i have the long one that goes across,

thats a bummer