How easy is it to replace a passenger side outer tie-rod?

Is this something I can do myself, I’m not a guru mechanic but I’m pretty good. I can change my own oil and I’ve down alot of the repairs to fix water leaks mentioned here. Plus I use to own a VW bug and rebuilt that motor so many time like it was a dragster motor :slight_smile:

Any write ups anywhere

20 minutes job at the most. the hardest part is seperating the tierod ball joint from the steering knuckle. In your case it will be very easy. Since you are replacing it, you can hit it with a hammer. Just remember to loosen the jam nut at the back side of the tierod before you seperate the ball joint from the knuckle. Count the turns it takes to remove from the steering rack and do the same count when you reinstall the new tierod. Get a front end alignment when you are finished!
If you don’t the toe will be off and your car will pull one way or the other.