how easy to replace hood?

i know this is a noob question but i wanna know is it an easy DIY job to replace the hood? if so what will I need? i got into an accident and planning to buy a cf hood, just want to know if it will cost me money to install.


A Rachet And A 10mm Socket, Thats All . :slight_smile:

like he said and maybe a freind to hold it up too and a beer as payment to him

aight thanks guys

1 more question…
i see that on they say their hoods come with predrilled windshield washer holes. does this mean our model hoods come with predrilled holes? if so where are the holes? are they necessary?

No, ours don’t come with them.

Our washers mount underneath the hood, so the hood you receive won’t have any holes.

aight thanks again elbor!

:slight_smile: enjoy.

its easy
only 2 people are needed

my cf hood didnt have holes so i left the washer nozzles off

whats the difference between rolled edges and glazed edges?
which is better?

Make sure you give him the beer after, or else you could end up with a nasty crack across your windshield…It happened to me :mad:

LMAO :run: