How ghetto is this idea?

I’ve got 2 sets of Civic/CRX Si springs. Anyone ever try putting stock Civic/CRX springs on stock DA struts into a stock DA?

I gather from the search that the EF springs are shorter than DA springs, and combined with the DA’s heft, the car would be l o w.

True? Anyone have any first hand experience with this idea?

Why would you install a spring that is not only lower but softer than the ones you have?

Apparently, not a good idea.

Originally posted by -TJ
Apparently, not a good idea.

yes, not a good idea, even worse than cutting your existing springs.

the crx springs are softer than your da springs because they are made for a lighter car. so even if they were the same length the car would sit lower than w/ your stock springs. combine that with the shorter length and who knows how low you’ll bee.

the main bad thing is the spring rate, your handling will more than likely be worse off than in its stock form…and isn’t the point of lowering the car to get it to handle better? (thats a rhetorical question…but they answer is YES!)