How hard to put a h22a in 91 tegra?

Hi I am still tring to figure out which engine would be best to swap in my 91 integra special. 5spd.

Would the tranny that comes with a h22a swap fit?
what are some major costs of doing this swap?
is this a good choice for the g2 integras?

I am tring to get the most for my money, and dont like the torque of a b16a so trying to get something with alittle more power. I got around 2200 bucks on the complete swap to spend. tell me what you guys think would be the best choice for the money.

best bang for the buck if you don’t want a B16 would be the B20.

If you only have $2200 to spend, the H22 is out of the question.

Get a B20, use your existing tranny and spend the $1000+ you have left over on a good clutch/FW, intake, header, exhaust, blah blah blah.

Also, :search:

just wondering, is the B20 Vtec and what are the specs of the engine?

its non-vtec makes 145 hp

do you know the torque and the redline?

145 hp?? a 98 crv has only 126 hp a b20z has 145 a b20b has 126 from what i read but the b20z is alot more then 1000

maybe my friend can help you out! he has a jdm engine shop and hes got pretty good prices! Go to look at his prices im sure he still has 1 h22 in the ware house cause last time i was there he had about 2 or 3 left!

Tell him John from his Kustom Designz crew sent ya! :smiley:

by the waqy who ever said it was non v -tech or it only had 145 hp heres the specs!

H22A VTEC (92+ Prelude) Engine

DOHC VTEC 4 Cylinder 16 Valve
• Hydraulic Transmission
• Redline: 7200 rpm
• Diplacement: 2157cc
• Torque:161 lb-ft@5500
• Horse Power: 200hp@6800
• Compression Ratio:10.6:1
• OBD1 ECU type.

The non-vtec answer was reguarding the B20 (all of them).

I’m sure most people know what the H22 is and why it won’t be easy to fit it into a DA.

aaaaa i see! n-e ways! i was just trying to help a fellow in a rut wasnt trying to flame sry!

That name was fimiliar, I checked it out, this jspecauto guy has been tring to sell on line for awhile and hasnt sold one on ebay yet and has a -1 rating I dont know if he is the best guy to go to.

I know him personally and he is not a bs guy! by the way he never has been on e-bay so i dont see how you know him! His engines are good and one of the members in here allready got an engine put in by him! if ya look at his web page you can see a gen 2 with a b16a its frostteg91 integra! If you want to ask him questions go to the members list and e-mail him (mike brison)!

Like i said just trying to help out cause hes got good engines at good prices! I mean 2399$ for an h22a shiped to your door in 10 dayx max! That nb imop!

ok then is this him or not?

it says so i am assuming the same person.

Seriously though who makes mounts for the H22A into a DA? I really would like to do this swap.

i just talked to him and…damn it your right! lol I didn think ish had **** on e-bay casue his web site took off so well!

and if you need mounting brakets he has some for the swaps and sells em as well! im telling you ive em a call! or e-mail

Killateg why the hell are you flaming a guy you dont even know?

Look at the neg feedback and youll see that the peeps didnt get ****ed over there claming he never responded to e-mails! Thats possible since his acount got spamed by a guy that has the same type of buisness in the area found out he was in the engine game as well!

N-e ways what ever just trying to help out!

not ragging on him dude , but from what I have seen on ebay is all I know besides you saying he is straight. I really do appreciate the help though. he probably is a good guy, but I am not buying from anyone out of the country anyway.

dats cool! But why not out of the country ??? What the diff?? N-e ways its your choice! AS for me im pissed right now cause the idiot infront of me had an old beater and as i was coming home from work something…looked like catolitic converter fell off his car and i ran over it and it broke one of my neons! Damn there goes 59.$ i didnt want to spend!