How high of compression?

I’m building a B20b with a B16a head it’s going to be all motor. How high of compression I could run on 92 octane gas and how do I achive that by piston alone or removing two layers of the head gasket and pistons? Please help.


IMO i’d run a two layer as opposed to a single… jusy for better sealing, or u can get custom 84mm pistons from whom ever. your engine can only get as fast as your pocket book will allow. should be a torqy mofo…

10.5:1 to 11:1 is the highest i would go on 92 pump gas

In order to achieve this you would need to up grade your pistons
you would not have to use a two layer gasket anymore, if your upgrading your pistons. JE can make any size you want for custom applications