How is the shifter held up?

I’m installing a B&M dual bend short shifter but I can’t seem to get it to stay up (aka in the car). Is it that one boot that goes over the ball that holds it up? Mine is torn so maybe that’s why?

Also, just to make sure I’m doing this right (can’t really think straight right now), the ball goes below the stabilizer piece (shifter is installed from underneath the car)!?
What orientation does that boot go?


anyone know?

Not sure if this diagram helps or not:

That picture doesn’t show much, seems to show it’s held up by only a boot, the doesn’t seem right to me

there is a rubber boot that goes on the ball. there is then a small bracket with 2 holes that bolts to the body. then you connect the shift linkage and that is how its held up. im hope this helps

Yeah thanks I got it figured out, don’t know what I couldn’t see that, I feel like a retard lol…

its alot easier if u got the race series shifter from b&m. i got it and love it. the only problem is how far forward it sits