how many reman starters have u gone thru???

im on my second one already…not even 2 years…

i KNOW its my starter cuz when i tap it with sumthing it turns over…im not gonna bother putting in new contacts cuz im gettin TOTALLY fed up with this shit…

has anybody gone thru as many starters as me in such a short amount of time???

and finally does anyone know how much a new starter costs??? roughly :bang:

I went through 2 on my other TEG (before we sold it) in about 4 months. It was replaced under warenty but i still had to do the install :shrug:


exactly like me…its free but i gotta RE&RE it…pain in the ass…

I have had my teg for almost 2 years, no starter problems yet.

I must have been sleeping when I posted last night, it was an alternator that I’ve replaced twice, not a starter. doh

Same story, different part!

haha its all good…

i guess its time for another starter… :frowning: