How much $$ am I looking at?

I’ve decided I like the look of the black DA’s without a spoiler on the back, and mine’s cracked in half, so I’m going to be removing it soon. I also took off the back emblems, leaving four holes, so my question to you guys is: How much do you think I will end up paying to have the spoiler holes and the emblem holes filled and the hatch painted on my '93?

Also, does anybody know of any decent priced/decent quality body shops around the Kansas City area?

Thanks in advance!

Hey…another g2 from the kc area! Hendrick’s Auto body does a really good job…not sure on the pricing though (innsurance paid for it last time) Hite Collision Repair in Lawrence does EXCELLENT work too. When I get my black '93 ls repainted it will be at Hite!!!

Any clue on about how much I should expect to pay? Where at in the KC area are you?

b18ag25a where in the kc area are you from?

Well…Technically Lawrence…about 20 min west of 435. I’m from Overland Park though…so i’m in KC almost as much as Lawrence.

Sorry…Can’t help you on the price…i don’t know. But i’d be interested in what they tell you… :wink:

Well, I called some local body shops today, mostly in the LS area, and most of the estimates from what I could describe to them over the phone ranged from 200-400 dollars…which sucks for me. Oh well…I’m not going to leave the car with the stupid emblem holes in it, so I’m just gonna save up, suck it up, and pay it, I know I’ll love the way it looks afterwards, especially with the red/clears in the mail.

How many people on this board are from KC? Maybe we should all go out to KCIR one night…maybe later in the summer when it’s not so damn hot.

not sure how many…but I’d definitely be up for KCIR or Heartland Park Topeka! I’m usually at HPT every thursday night for the test&tune unless it too fricken hot…:frowning:

I can’t wait to get back out to the track now…I just got my Eibach Drag Launch Springs and Falken Drag Radials put on!! :smiley:

LS Area?

Originally posted by b18ag25a
LS Area?

Lee’s Summit…hence, my vote for KCIR as opposed to HPT…that’s a hell of a drive for me to make to drag, I’d have to let my car sit for two hours or so after I got there just to cool it off…

ok, all of us need to hookup at kcir sometime on a friday night.

I’m in Leavenworth.

I know of at least two others around here, but I’m not sure if they come to the boards here or not.