How much are these worth?

hey i was wondering how much koito fog lights are worth i have a brand new never used set and i dont know how much i should price them for… any help in this position i bought hem for 275 back in the day dont how much they are worth now

thanks for any info

they are for 90 91 front bumpers by the way
im going to get pics posted


Pics would certainly help. Since they’re old like you said they were.

not mine but example will have official pics up

these ar not mine

a lil dribble jus came out:drool:

out of where? tiny pee pee or loose sphincter? be more specific please.

thats for me to know use you imagination lol.

wow lol dribble was ear wax haha… will have pics up soon having issues uploading

I’d like to have em if you decide to get rid of em I’m using jdm civic fogs for now until I find me a set of these

bump for foglights i searched for a long time and never found them… i would keep those since those are very hard to come by nowadays!!!

well i originally paid 250 for them and i was thinkng of selling due to the fact i converted to 92-93 front end so like i was saying hey have been sitting for like 5 years now

should i sell them

:rockon: its ur call bro!!!

ill buy them

give me a price and ur number ill send you the official pictures shiny brand new and they are GLASS thick glass