How much for a Greddy MX ?

I’ll get my exaust redo and comments on the Greddy MX are so good, I want one.

Do you know how much I should pay? Used or new ?


They are about $500 new… i dont know how much used, i have one and it sounds really good a header and a testpipe make it loud as a mother****er though…

$441 at

I think there was a group buy that was 420.00 a little while back…doesn’t anyone remember that.

I am think the EVO exhaust or the Thermal is the way to go…but my taste changes daily it seem like…and its alot of money for something that you may hate and need to switch out.

490 shipped at import horizon. great place to do buieness with.

only 441 + shiping but if shipping to montreal is only 42$ its still mad cheap !

I got mine off a group buy at for $472 shipped. You just gotta watch out for the deals.