How much for a Transmition

I have a 90 gs integra. I am letting my brother use it while I am at the University of Arizona. Before I left the gears were grinding when I shifted into third. I was wondering how much a new, used, or rebuilt tranny will be setting me back.


Finding a good used one is the problem. I got 4, yes four different tranny’s from this junkyard out in texas. ALL of them were bad and they cost me aroun 600 for it. Then I went on ebay and got one for 220 when you included shipping for the heavy asz mofo. So I would look on ebay or before going to a junkyard for a piece of crap tranny. And the sucky thing is for you is that you won’t be able to tell if its good or bad till its ON the car. I actually have a ls cable tranny, but the third gear grinds. I have a 94+ ls hydro tranny too, but I’m going to use the ls cable and put the 94 5th gear in the ls cable tranny cuz the 5th gear is longer…so better fuel mileage! I’m a college student and gas kills me. But I would say from 200+ dollars for a tranny. Just depends on where your looking becuase even on this board I’ve seen some as low as 50 bucks. Happy searchin

if it is just grinding in third you might just need to replace the synchronizers.

Yah, its definately the synchro’s. I was too lazy to replace them. Basically it was alot fo work and then I found the one on ebay so decided not to do it since it was pretty cheap on ebay.

I have the synchros’ and everything and now since I have the two other trannies I don’t have downtime now and will be doing this sometime in the future.

I can’t wait. I just need to find the details on the tranny spacing and will put it all together. Have most of it already from the library, but need to get more.

Anyone have info on the two trannies?? Schematics, torque #? shim spacing #'s all that good stuff??