how much negative camber are you running???

Im on Skunk2 coilovers and Koni yellow’s… got my SPC front camber kit put in…

juss wondering how much NEGATIVE camber sum of u run on purpose…cuz a little negative cant hurt :wink: im always down for sum spirited driving…

I’m about 3 negative up front, and 2 negative rear. I fixed the rears a bit with the washer trick… the front, I already avhe the ingalls extreme camber it maxed out to 3 degrees fix and I still ahve about 3 degrees. so taht means before, I had over 6 degrees negative camber!!! :worry:

holy jesus man 3 degrees!, you sure you have a 3 degree camber kit?. i got an ingalls 3 degree on mine and im really dropped, and my camber isnt too bad…i set my front toe to zero and that helped alot, so ya do that :). I also have koni yellows with coilovers set to the lowest up front and kinda in the middle in the back. ingalls camber kit in the rear too…sorry if ive contributed nothing to this post but ya, im under 2 degrees up front barely, rear doesnt really seem to care…no tire eating issues.

Yeah I’m sure I ahve the Ingalls. How dropped are you?

im not really sure…i have a pic of my gross “no function” drop tho if ya want to see how bad my camber is, the camber kit did a really nice job…im tucking the tire a little bit.

Sure. lets see. and ya that motor you see is in the crx not mine unfortunatly :(, damn b18cr in that tiny thing mad me :shock:

Hrm yeah that’s weird. I’m lowered about the exact same. what size wheels are those? 17’s? and I’m sure I have the 3 degree kit as well. weird. lol. I’m also on 17’s.

Here’s mines:

You can even see the camebr on the second pic

Hwo did you get an aligment? I can’t even clear any of the hosits etc to clear the middle part considering I can’t even clear a pop can laying down. So I ahve to deal with toe which eats my tires.

hey that car…ya ive always loved how clean your car was, looks great with the wheels and that lip, and christ your dropped lower than i am in the front haha, that explains it, nice turbo ways there…i bet thats fun, oh and i have 16’s

i raised my car up enough to get it on there hoist…then i dropped it again cause im smart like that…but there’s alignment tools you can buy also if you want to do it yourself…20 bucks from this website, i forget the name but ill let you know once i talk to my friend again.

Ah yeah maybe me being a tad bit lwoer throws it off another degree…I dunno.but thanks. your car is super clean too with those 16’s. keep it up. And yes. it’s too fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure if you can that’d be great. alignment tool.

Sweet. thx.

Tchleung I have the same problem as you with getting an alignment. I haven’t found a place yet where I can get up onto they’re hoist.

What I was going try once I finish messing around with my front suspension (buncha bushings etc to do) is try to get this guy that does commercial trucks to do it.
My dad has used him for his work truck…he’s portable and comes to you…dosen’t use a hoist only jackes up whatever he’s doing the alignment on and puts the wheels on pads and then uses laser alignment tools.
Either that or I’m gonna have to get creative…

Whoa sounds high tech. lol. What my friend doe that I MIGHT try is contractors blue line thing. you know, taht roll of blue chalk on a line that you pull uot then snap it and it leaves a mark. he uses it to align his rear wheels to his fronts. VERY iffy considering too many variables that can easily throw it off. but I might try it since he constantly autocross every weekend and is in the top 5 of 40 or something.

soooooo…anyone??? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry man haha. If I had a choice. i’d run 1-1.5" degrees on both front and rear.