How Much of a diffence with advancing timing????

ya i was just wondering, on my stock engine if i were to advance my timing how much of a difference does it make. Will i be able to feel the difference. Also how much hp would i gain??? Thanks:) :slight_smile:

This isn’t the best info here

Mods: cherry bomb, removed bottom half of intake box(pretty much stock)

i went to the track for the first time and just before i left, i advanced my timing by hand(no timing light). I was havin’ trouble with my timing ever since i put my new distributer in, so i didn’t really care too much. Well, i got to the track, and for my first 6 runs, i couldn’t get below a 16.7(91 octane). then, i decided to adjust my timing a little more, and for my next 5 runs, i was consistently .4 seconds below my average.

So…, i don’t know exactly how close my timing was to 18 degrees BTC, but i set it with a timing light before i adjusted it by hand and my car was running like poo. This just makes the point clear that timing definitely makes a difference. I suggest you just try it, and take er’ to the track or dyno. I was definitely surprised at the difference in times by adjusting it a little by hand.(I don’t suggest adjusting it by hand though- i’m an idiot and i just wanted good times while goin’ to the track for the first time with some people in the club around here).

Good luck to ya.

I saw some dyno pulls somewhere a while back. It was something like 1-3 hp on a stock engine.


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