how much of a drop with out a front camber kit

how much have you guys lowered your car without a camber kit while still adjusting the camber in stock spec?
i currently have stock shocks with eibach prokit (1.4,1) and im fixin to get konis yellows witch have adjustable spring perches that lower up to .75 so i want to lower the car but dont want to fork over 140 for adjustable ball joints if i dont have to…thanks:baby::baby:

There is no built-in camber adjustment in the front on the Integra.

what?!!? you mean to say there is no camber adjustment stock?
i know for sure there is aftermarket ones such as skunk2, ingalls, spc, eibach ect…

I have my DA dropped around 3.5/3 inches with no camber kit in the front and just some Skunk2 UCA’s, however in the rear I’ve got some Blackworks Racing camber kits. Car drives great with no issues.