how often should you change fuel filter

just wonderin cuz im hopin it will fix my hesitation prob…i changed it at 118,000km and now im at 133,000…anybody know?

oh yeah, one more thing …if its not the fuel filter then what else, i changed the rotor and plugs and i have fairly new msd 8.5 wires so what else?

im having a hell of a time trying to change my fuel filter…the stupid bolts DO NOT wanna come off…ive tried a few times…breaker bar too…looks like i’m gonna have to break out the airgun or something

ill explain things, are cars are born for hesitation. hesitation will be caused from your cool cold air intake!, it takes away the low, throws it in the high. header…421=mid 41=highend.
exhaust…give the highend too…but does low…it pends.

also… low/dropping idel can be caused by

brake problems

bad thermostat.

weather in general i guess…


throttle being dirty

fuel filter

tons of stuff, but its not all that…its prob your mods if u have ne, or a weak coil in the distb.

honda says every 30,000 miles.