How rare is Black leather?

hey guys i was wondering if any one knows how rare the Black leather interrior is on the g2s? i mean from the factory. mine has it but i have only seen one or two other that have it from the factory. any one know? :hmm:

I know two gusy with black tegs with black leather. I wouldn’t say it’s rare. but it’s definantly not common.

I have it in mine and it’s in mint shape, Theres only one other person I know that has it around here and his is thrashed…

My car came black on black out the dealership, but when i bought it, only the rear leather was in and the fronts were 98 gsr.

I say pretty damn rare. I looked for about 8-10 mos. before I bought my set from Armed Ferret. Not in perfect shape but well worth the cash…

mine came same as urs. black on black. the back seats are MINT and my front are from a 97 integra. the origional front seats were BAD. some hardcore rips in them. it sucks but at least i got a mint int. now…

I have a 90 milano red GS with stock leather. My passanger seat and rear seats are in great condition but the drivers seat has 2 large rips :S. I was informed by a family friend mechanic that the leather covering can be bough through acura which replaces the existing leather. That would be AWESOME if its true but for some reason im skeptical. Can anybody confirm?

Oh by the by, the lumbar and back stiffness are awwweeeeessssommmmmeeee. I love being able to go into corners hard and not fall out of my chair. The lumbar holds very well.

black interrior

what da years, or trim level had black or dark gray interrior?

i’d say its pretty rare,

and no one has mentioned leather door panels, those are super rare. got a pair of those :slight_smile:

there rare?

My first teg, 1991 Acura Integra Sedan GS Auto, black with black leather with the flippy OEM armrest, leather in good condition 1 tear on bottom cushion.

My current teg, 1990 Acura Integra Sedan GS 5Spd, Black with black leather, with JDM center console arm rest, leather in good condition with tear on lumbar support.

I never knew black leather was rare :hmm:

My 90 GS has black leather also, all of the seats are fine but the driver’s.

i’m pretty sure if you got an LSS, it had leather…

Door panels and rear leather for the 4 door are rare

rear leather?

My New DB1 has like a leather wrapped rear dash thingy… and the front door panels hold 2 6.5" speakers and 1" tweeters…?

My white 90 DB1 has black leather front and back, as well as the leather door panels. Just reconditioned recently as the seats were getting sort of “tough”…no tears or major wear though.

fronts have two speakers in each? goddamn. thatd be nice but why not just put one bigger speaker hahaha

technically it holds 3 including the tweeter…

My interior

My car

wow. that speaker location above the stock one. is that custom?

indeed it is :slight_smile: