how should i paint my "fat5s"

hey i got a 92 white integra. i am getting it painted soon same color. this time im gonna paint the moldings body color. as of now i got the GSR fat 5’s on there stock color however i want to paint them a different color, im sick of them this way i had them on there for 4yrs. im either thinking bronze, gunmetal, gloss black or gloss black with just the lip left regular. anyone have pics of THE FAT 5’s PAINTED. please post them thanks.

I painted a friend with a G3’s (two tone red/black) fat fives gloss black with a polished lip… came out sooo damn sweet… he works nights though, so I’ll see when I can get pix…

I’ve always wanted a set to do a gloss black/red chrome lip combo, but nobody’s come to me with any… I always get 17’s and stock LS wheels.

definatly pleese come through wit that pic if u can cause i wanna see that

hopefully tomorrow :slight_smile:

just saw this pic:

***credit to 93IntergraLS at

the ones i did look very similar except way glossier… but i’m sure his are just dirty :)…

the ones u did for ur friend r like these, cause these r a little more then the lip

that’s just the lip… if you mean lip as in the 5 cm space between the face and the inner wheel, then I wouldn’t do that…

comeeeonnn noones got pics? :hyper:

I think you’d be better off giving them to me and getting some different wheels :slight_smile:

I say clean and polished

Here are mine. I think you IMed me though right?

yea i im’d u once before- since then i bought another G2. neil- from those pics it looks like u painted them- what kind of paint is that silver-y one.

What size are the Fat 5s or meshie rims?

i would go a nice bright bronze color, almost gold, i hate the dark bronze style, i would do it if i had the time…

OMG are you serious… The are 15’s
and i would go bronze if you are going with a white paintjob…or black with polished lip…sheit everything looks good with white

Then why do they look so big in the image?

black/polished combo makes any wheel look big.

I was asked if my stock GS wheels were 16’s when I painted them

elborintegra- did u ever get a pic of ur boys rims?

That is the Duplicolor Wheel paint and associated primer. $3/can

Sorry… He’ll be here today… i’ll snap one.