How-to: DIY Dyed / Stained Interior Carpet

Well I recently did my interior carpet and I thought I would make up a guide for those of you looking to do the same.

The article also contains some detailed instructions on removing interior parts so if anyone needs to know that sort of thing, you might want to read it for that as well.

If you’re looking for instructions on how to remove the interior carpet so you can clean up the leak from the infamous “passenger side swimming pool” then this article will give you all the details you need in removing the carpet.

Comments/ Suggestions welcome!


Beautiful write-up man. Im going to for sure be doing this in the next couple months rather than buying a brand new carpet from ACC like I was planning.

-Jon B

I have tan interior carpet and i want to stain it all black. . . . .

is it going to dye evenly and look good or should i just replace the carpet???

IMO, I dont think black on tan would dye evenly.
Anyway I recently replaced my tan carpet with a graphite colored one from JC Whitney and it was pretty easy.

Sounds like a great writeup, I’d like to read it! But the link is dead! Any mirrors or somesuch?

Anyone have these instructions since the link is dead?