how to do i get the broken bolts out?

Not happy :frowning: went to replace my cam plug and ALL 4 bolts to the cam cover broke off in the head. I think the last person to own the car tried to over tighten them instead of buying a new plug or something. There was a ton of cheap silicon all around it also.

Question is , how to do i get the broken bolts out? and where can i find new ones.

Or if some one wants to send me a gsr head cheap ill just swap it lol!!!

1993 LS

Buy new ones from Acura/Honda? I mean… duh.

i just got offered a 94 gsr head already has golden eagle ls/vtec kit, and a skunk2 intake for $450! … think im gona get it. Anyone know what kind of pistons i should use with this?