how to install arm rest

how to put in a arm rest on gsr seat i located a hole next to the lumbar nob but there is no treads do u pull the cloth off and put a nut behind thanks for any help

I had an idea to try that as well…Didn’t look to me like it would work. The seats with the arm rest on the side have a big metal piece welded into the seat. Seats with the lumbar lever do not have this, thus no place to mount it unless you fab something yourself and mount it solid into the seat.

i think this will work has the metal part with hole but no treads i think they put a pem insert from the factory so with a nut i think it will work well ill try and let u know

ok mr da6yo heres what u do take off the seat belt box then the back cloth unclips where the front and the back meet now if u feel where the arm rest should mount there is a hole in the metal part take a razo blad and make a x then roll up the cloth u will see 2 bunjee typr cords unclip them and keep rolling up till it gets hard that will be high enough now u need a 12*1.25 mm nut with aflang and a box wrench thats flat put the nut in the wrench the flang will keep the nut from falling out now u sneek the nut up the side under the cloth till it lines up with the hole with the steel part screw in the part for the arm rest in and bingo now the lever for the lumbar has a spline it locks onto just pop it off and rotate counter clockwise about 10 min and ur golden .looks like it belongs there

That’s awesome! You should post some pics of this for sure.