how to install bumper & fender?

Please give me details of how to install the front bumper and front right fender? What tools do I need? I don’t have any experience doing any auto work, so please explain in detail. Thank you.

it is easy, for the bumper, first, there are four bolts behind the bumper lights, those are 12 mm, two screws on each side of the front tire, and there are three 10 mm bolts on the bottom of the car, u will have to remove the mud flap

the fender, there are three bolts under the hood, there is one by the place where ur supposed to jack up the car, and when u open your door, there is a bolt on the bottom, and let me see… there are two that are behind the corner lense of your head light… the bumper has to be removed first

what you will need…

a socket wrench
an extension
a deep inch 10 mm, 12 mm socket
phillips screw driver

if this doesnt help go get a manual…