How to install Cold Air Intake?

I jsut got my cold air intake today, came in through the mail, and the dumbasses forgot to put in the instructions. I was wondering, does anyone have the instructions for putting on cold air? It is not made by AEM, it is one from ebay. If you have any sites please post. It is for a 1993 Integra LS.

Just simply take off your airbox, resonator, and the tube that connects to the Throttle Body. Then put on the new tube, and tighten down the screws tight. Once you have the whole assembly in place, put on the vacuum hoses. If you have more vacuum tubes than nipples, you will have to get a T or Y splitter to connect both hoses.

Oh, ok, one more question, it came with 2 nipples on the tube thingy, but came with one hose. That hose connects to the bigger nipple cause it fits very tightly over it. What do i connect to the other smaller nipple?

Thanks for the help.

also, where do i connect the other end of the vacuum tube to? sorry, but i have never installed cold air before,