How to prevent rod bearing failure / wear again?

I spun rod bearing #2 in my b18c about a month ago. Now i’m rebuilding the engine how can i make sure this doesnt happen again? My mechanic looked at the crank said it looked preety good i bought King rod and main bearings I want to polish the crank what else can i do?

Make sure proper clearences are maintained and proper assembly techniques are followed. Don’t over rev the engine.

say i put skunk stage 2 cams and valve train and i rev to 8500-9000 is that considered over reving? I dont think i ever reved above 8200…but if i but bigger cams the hp is optimized in the higher rpm ranges is it inevitable i will spin a bearing?

if you don’t shave weight, you really should not go crazy with the rpm’s. eight thousand two hundred is not bad, but your not making more power up there usually(with stock stuff)… Many people confuse Maximum power with Usable power. Look to your Dyno chart for proper shift points. The addition of higher lift cams will not yeild much more power unless it is matched with higher compression and the ability to move the charges in and out of the engine at the higher rpm’s.

well i’m puttin in p73 jdm pistons which should make my compression about 11:3 and i want to put skunk stage 2 cams so i know i’ll be reving higher will balancing the crank help how much would a machine shop charge. anything else i can do to prevent spinning a rod people?

in order to rev higher i suggest balancing the entire rotating assembly…and getting better valvetrane, good set of cams , and high comp pistons

my block is balanced to 10k rpm, but i don’t rev that high as i am not making any power pass 8400 that i know of from my last dyno

here is what i do with all motor builds, it has worked and never had a problem with spun rod bearings on ls b20/vtec motors reving to 9000 rpms, i use lucas cam lube on all my bearings to ensure they are nice and lubed instead of regular motor oil

not too many people think about lubing the bearings and just use motor oil…

how much should balancing the block run me more or less from a compitent machine shop? I like the idea of the Lucas cam lube Goldenchild hadnt thought of that…

You hadn’t thought of assembly lube? Lucky thing Lucas is based in riverside eh GC?

hey schu, i have been using lucas assembly lube on the bearings for years

lol no i mean i though of asembly lube of course but for the rod bearings like goldenchild said alot of people use motor oil. I’m in michigan how can i accses Lucas assembly lube if i cant get my hands on on that what assembly lube would you guys suggest would any engine assembly lube do… and again what price range should i be looking at to balance the rotating assembly

any good shop will charge you around 300-500 depending on what needs to be done

if it is just balancing maybe 200

I’m going by by now, your in good hands with GC

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