how to properly adjust cable clutch?

ok i have a stage 2 clutch with stock disc from grip force.
when i press the clutch all the way the gears doesn’t go in until i release it a little bit about 1-2 inches of the ground.
should i make it more tighter or looser?

What do you mean when you say “the gears doesn’t go in until I release it a little bit?” Does that mean it physically won’t let you put the gear shifter into the gear position or that it doesn’t begin to engage and roll until you lift your foot 1-2 inches?

1 press clutch to floor
2 while pressing clutch to floor, i shift to 1st gear, 1st gear doenst engage
3 lift my foot 1-2 inches of the floor while engaging to 1st gear, 1st gear goes in no problem.
0r shift to fisrt gear then press slowly until about 1-2 inches before floor, gear goes in.
i can shift normal, but i have to make sure im off the floor 1-2 inches all the time but when
shifting fast i cant really do that because i tend to press the clutch all the way in then shift.

Ok that’s what I was thinking, but I didn’t want to assume. I could be wrong, but it sounds like a throwout bearing issue. Was that replaced when the clutch was done? Does it seem like the lever that gets pulled by the clutch cable is working properly?

the throwout bearing is also new. the lever seems ok. i’ll try to take some pics or vid.