how to put mudflap back after putting G3 side skirt?

i have tried to cut here and there and it finally fits in my car…problem is that it seems that the door rub against the skirt though…will try a way to deal with it…but i haven’t put any sigle screws on it beside double tapes.

my problem is…the front screw holes are totally different from the original mudflap holes…and even if i drill a new holes for the skirts, how am i suppose to put back my original mudflap in place because with the side flush out, the mudflap can fit back in original screw place.

anyone can tell me what to do abt it?do i need to cut anything for the mudflap or did teh skirt front hole actually screw to theoriginal mudflap hole or did i put teh skirt wrongly?

pls advice

I highly doubt anyone with DC sides still has their mudflaps in. IMO you’d be the first to do it… So get to cuttin :slight_smile:


Umm why are you putting the mud flaps on???
Drill new holes in skirts to match orginal mud flap holes on the car, put the screws in, take the mud flaps and throw them off a cliff, and you’re done :clap: However if you’re trying to be original, putting mud flaps on side skirts, then i take my hat off to you :clap:

i have the DC sides… making the stock mud flaps fit would b a bitch… im sure u can do it but its a waste of time… iv thought about this but never tried it yet… try DC MuD FLAPS … if they fit tell me so i can go out and buy some… it looks like the DC flaps just might work. !

I love my mud flaps, And yes I have them on my teg.

Now if only I can do some DC sides. :frowning:



I got my mudguards to fit… just a lot of cutting.

I personally like my mudguards in! :rockon:

Here’s a couple of pictures to see what it looks like!

mudflaps+sideskirts=nono. j\k I don’t think many people do keep their mudflaps, but it would be nice to have something to block the dirt from the tire. I used mudflaps for the rear to keep stuff from slinging into the bw rear bumper. None of this helps u, but I suggest just keeping them off. I don’t think it will look right. It does on the teg in the pic cause the sideskirts are factory and aren’t that big.

actually wanted to put the mudguard back because it seems that the G3 sideskirt is longer by abt an inch, so really don’t know how to cover this…it looks weird…

did i did it wrongly because seems many seems to have the right length but mine is longer…do the side needs cutting on the length as well?

mack, seems that u cut the whole middlepart that goes into the door sill…looks great…i might do that as well cos it won’t rub against the door…but did u do any modification or cuttings to the length…

or anyone can advice?

i didn’t trim anything length wise. I just cut a little bit from the middle part so it was equal width from end to end… then i applied some heat, using a heat gun and bent the skirt inward so that it would be a good mating surface against the rocker panel.

could u post up pics again cause i can’t see the 1st pics that u posted

Hopefully these pics give you a better idea how to do it. This was my integra before I sold it.

Remember, I didn’t stick it in the door jam. I bent that part inwards to use it as a mating surface on the rocker panels.