how to raise hp on a b20??

their rated at 126, now if u put a complete 96 ls head on it will it raise the hp? better cams/intake manifold? anyone else know the differences?

What would a 96 LS head do? It’s just another PR4 head.

another reason i was asing abotu the ls head is because of the tall intake manifold on the b20, will that fit under our da hoods? i know it doesnt on EG civics

compare intake ports on b20 head to the runners on ls intake man and theres a nice diff so if u r able to port n polish i or get a better man go for it, also bump up the fuel pressure, ive seen b20b’s do 140 whp close to 150’s with intake,fpr,ex,4/1 headers. another thing, give it a nice short geared tranny like a b16

i had my b20 dyno’d at 143whp. this is with dc sports ss header, aem cai, greddy mx cat back, high flow cat, and 12.5lb flywheel, with the crv cams still on(i forgot to take them off). then i stuck on my stock LS cams and that made a huge difference. i will say that it is probably around 150whp now :rockon: . gotta get it dyno’d again