How to: Reach administrator or pm ?

I dont know how can n e one help

Email if you cannot post. Put ‘G2IC’ in your Email’s subject along with a short description of your problem otherwise your email may be considered spam.
Or post in this forum.


as i can not pm its been blocked by admin THanks alot

No one can PM and we will never be able to.

Talk to N FUL FX he is the owner of this forum board. There aren’t a moderator for each forum like Honda-Tech has it but at least they got a iTrader Rating system onboard.

There are moderators that watch the entire forum.

Watch me post then you’ll get an idea of how to give people advice and watch me regulate the entire forum board.

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dont feed the trolls.

this guy is spamming nonsense

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Bump def want a rear lip n oem sideskirts n it def b sick if u could make a 92-93 version as well im in i hate the type r crap

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Please don’t text-type here. We type complete words and don’t use slang. This is not a getto website.

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Nice to see you are still around. haven’t seen you in AGES!