how to remove da dashboard?

aite…thats the ques?i try search got no many bolts holding the dash together?do u have to remove steering wheel?how many screws?thank yall

well i can tell you that there are a total of 6 screws holding the dash on and yeah you need to take out about 4 bolts to drop your steering column otherwise it will be a pain and get stuck on the turn signal switch etc.

or you can leave the stearing colum alone and just pull the 3 screws that hold on the combo switch:shrug:

one bolt behind the clock
two on the sides behind the door vents.
1 at the very bottom of the stereo cage
two down on the lower side behind the knee bolsters(which need to be removed)

once you pull the cluster for the spedo cable. leave the harness alone
just unplug it from the fusebox and pull it out in one piece with the dash.

Also becarefull of the heater controls, the plastic braket that holds it to the heat core box is old and and sudden jerks or twist is most like going to end up breaking it.

Ive got plenty of pictures. fell free to hit me up

send the pics to u have to unplug the heater control?just wanna do it and try not to break things.i’m doin this becuz my heater motor fan die.i just fell like takin the whole dash apart.

no the heater wire harness is part of the main harness and not the dash.

Im at work and ill be here till 9 or so, but i will try to remember when i get home.

is there anything specific your trying to get a picture of or no.

you get that.

i may need to hit you up for these pics too!! i’m gonna do this in two weeks hopefully!!!

unfourtunatly i would have to send you the same email.:frowning:

i cant find a lot of those pictures, I have some with out the dash, but not of the actual removal

LMK thought, im always down to help out.