how to remove DB1 tail + 3rd brake light

How to remove a 4 door’s tail light? Do I even need to remove it in order to change the bulb? My reverse light apparently died, and I’ve searched from something that goes along with removing tail light, but I couldn’t find any…

Also, 1 of my third brake light died too…I’m looking at the bulb sizes for a g2, it says that it’s 1156 but it seems as if the bulb is smaller than that, a 194 bulb perhaps? Anyway, before I even get to that, I dont know how to remove the 3rd brake light also!

If anyone can help me with diagrams/pix that’d be great…thanks in advance!:bow:

High mount brake light is removed from the trunk, look up at the where the housing is, you will see two plastic “push” clips, push in on the center pin on both and pull clips out, do not loose center pins, unplug the power, twist the holder 1/4 turn counterclockwise and pull it out of the housing.

For the brake/tail/backup lights from the trunk remove trim covers, unclip bulb holders, push in and twist bulbs counterclockwise.:corn:94

For the tail lights. Just lift up the access area trim panel. It should be held down by velcro.
You cant miss it.
And Yes, just take out the top inner ones. #1156 for reverse bulb.

For the 3rd brake light, there’s 2 nuts holding it down from in the trunk.
Removing it might help you out with more room.

Do like fcm said to get to the bulbs. They’re like size #194, but bigger.
You can use #194s but they wont be bright.

Appreciate it guys, I’ll work on it once I got time.

Thanks much! :bowdown: