How to remove door handles?

I’m following the Helms. I can’t figure out how they’re getting this last threaded rod off the back side of the door handle. The rod is the one that is used to release the latch and is connected to the spring-loaded piece that you pull on the handle. Any tips appreciated. It looks like I have to pop off this rod from the bushing but I can’t get the leverage.

I just had to manipulate the joint to keep handle clear as I unscrewed it. Technically I thing you suppose to remove pivot from the linkage arm at the bushing that says to replace. As you know, availability on parts can make that a scary thought.

Yup… Thanks for the reply though. Ugh.

The door latch (3 large screws on the side of the door itself) was the key to removing the handle. I couldn’t get this off before because one screw was stuck. I even let penetrating oil sit on it for a day – still nothing. It’s been a few weeks. I just happened to try that screw today and it let me take it off! Once that was latch was loose, I got the slack I needed to pull the door handle out from the door and remove that screw so the handle could be completely removed.