How to remove igniter

I looked and looked, and now have read through the section in my helms manual and still cannot figure out how to get to the two screws holding the igniter in. How in the world do you get room to get a screwdriver back to those screws?


since the screws are on the outside of the distributor housing, you can use a skewdriver (right angle screwdriver) or an adapter to place a phillips bit on a rachet, or get a monkey wrench.

I think mine must be different than yours then, its on a 96 JDM B20b, my screws are way in the back of the dist. angled towards the camshaft thing there… There seems to be no way to get to them. I havnt removed the dust cover, which i will tonight if I can figure out how to get that off, maybe that will help…

Any more suggestions? Thanks for the help though.

ahhh, didn’t realize. thought it was on a stock 91 ls motor. possible to take pics? i might have some better ideas if i saw the screws.

hmmm. maybe i am gettin a little pissed now because i think i need some heatsink or something… i am about to search and see… sorry for the crappy typing, i am on a tabletpc.