HOW TO REMOVE instrument panel

[SIZE=“3”]I wanna get to the cluster in order for me to do that I have to remove the instrument panel but I dont know how to remove it, tryed searching couldn’t find anything HELP would be appriacted thanks[/SIZE]

didnt search hard enough… found it in 10 seconds.

First of all, you dont need to type in BIG BOLD RED PRINT.

Step 1.
Unscrew the dash panels. One under the steering wheel, shift knob and behind the fan switch panel.
Step 2. After you remove all of that, be careful removing the cluster, unplug the speedometer cable. its the one with the white clip.
Step 3. Good luck putting everything back.

If you have any sort of common sense, I left out shit load of other things to do too. But if you plan on working on a G2 Integra your going to need to learn how to fuck with them every once in a while. You’ll thank me later.

I tried that link but When I download it it won’t open

first off removal of the stearing wheel will make this job alot easier.

after you got all the screws out
2 on top of guages.
2 under next to stearing colum
2 behind the blower and heater contol nobs
and 1 behind the little plastic cover in the very right lower corner.

carfully pry the console out of the dash. once you get to this point. I find it easest reach under to pop all the console swictes(fog, hazard, mirrors, ect) out from behind then push the console back in. and unplug all the swictes once those are out. carfully pry the console back out and remove.

NOTE. Bevery carfull of the heater controls. the pastic bractet the holds the heater controls can be very easy to break while pulling or puting the console back in;)

I think thats it. can anyone think of anything i missed.