how to remove shifter slop?

how do you remove shifter slop? i currently have billet shifter bushings (both front and rear), innovative shift linkage and ktuned short shifter. should i possibly switch to polyurethane shifter bushings? tighten u joint possibly?

Do you have the aptly named “bitch pin” (round spring that you have to punch in and out) that goes from the shift rod and holds it to the transmission or did you try to replace that with just a bolt?

Tighten the u joints, Change the detent springs, and make sure all the components like the bitch pin and what not are all there. Don’t use billet bushings unless you are running some extremely stiff mounts, if not solid mounts. Billet bushings with oem or even softer poly mounts can lead to you tearing out the shift linkage/stabilizer bar (atleast from what i’ve been told and have seen)