how to renew one pieces??? HELP!!!

will someone please explain how to renew and refinish one piece headlights…

did you even bother to read the teg tips thoroughly?

its somewhat VAGUE, sorry if im nieve, i just asked for help… and also does anyone have before/after pics?

nieve, maybe, but teg tips is straight forward. All you need to do is sand with the 3-4 different grit sand paper. clean it off with a wet towel, dry it with a dry towel, and start applying the cleaning compound, then the polishing compound then the clear coat wax. That’s it.

Its only for deep scratchs and road chips only tho.

oh yea and of course start sanding with the rougher grit first, thne medium grit, then the smoothest grit.

And rub the compounds and wax in real good with a clean towel.

Actually, renewing the one piece lights are done when the clear coat on them turns yellow or starts to chip. It’s a lengthy process, and I don’t know how the teg tip seems vague? Follow it to the letter and you’ll have great looking one-pieces. Mine have been done…take a look.

And I am the one who wrote the teg tip. Tell me what else you need to know…specifically, and I’ll add it to the tip.

InstantRamen: ^^^OUCH! LOL! I like how the guy is on the phone just staring at the car. Good caption!