HOW TO: signal/parking light mod

Been searching everywhere but couldn’t find any reliable source pertaining to this mod.

Basically having the signal/parking lights on constantly. How can I do that?

any help would be greatly appreciated.

Don’t you just tap the signal light wires into the corner light wires?

sorry do you mind elaborating on what you mean by tapping. Voltage regulation + wire re-route? :shrug: Such a noob haha.

I have mine coming on with the headlights. Try the rewiring front bumper lights #1 and #2 on

Not sure I understand what it is you want exactly.
Are you talking about the front side markers, or are you talking about the front signal lights, like in the pix?
Do you not want them to flash at all or do you want them to work like the front side markers, flash on with hazards and signal lights, turn on solid with park lights and flash off with hazards and signal lights???:stare:94

sorry bout the late replies.

N FUL FX: that’s exactly what I was looking for! My concern is that the bulb would actually cause the inside of the turn signal to melt and cause smoke. =|

fcm: What I was trying to ask is how am I able to modify the turn signals (bumper lights) to stay on at all times…if that makes any sense.

or…having bright bumper light that stays on with the running lights. Course it will blink when the turn signal is activated.

>_< Thanks for all the help so far!

My first concern would be the same as yours, as the signal lights. [bumper lights] are not meant to be on all the time/steady, will it cause overheating and melting of the lens.
Maybe a lower wattage bulb would solve that possible problem.

The mod would be fairly easy, cut the signal light, [bumper light] leads, [green/blue (left) and green/yellow (right)] and connect the signal light end to #87 of a SPDT relay, [one relay for each side] cap of the other cut ends, ground #86 of both relays, connect #30 of both relays to a fused 12V+ constant, [batt.] connect, [parallel connection] the side marker leads, [green/white (left) and green/red (right)] to #85 of appropriate relay, the front signal/bumper lights should now work just like the front side markers.
I recommend the relays as I do not know what the current load limit is on the side marker outputs from the ICU.:shrug:94

If you are worried about the bumper lights melting, then use a dual filament bulb socket instead of the single filament.

Wire the dual filament socket so the lower wattage filament stays on, and the high wattage is your turn signal.

Dual filament bulb is 5 or 7w/21w.

This set up is similar to that found on the 94-00 Integras.