how to stop speaker box from sliding in hatch?

my carpet velcro is lose so i hear my box sliding around on corners what should i do ?

i would go to Home Depot or some hardware store and buy some L-shaped brackets and bolt it down to the floor… assuming if u still have that cardboard thingy underneath the carpet.
that should keep it still.

i dont have the cardboard thingy that sits down there, i just moved my spare and put the box down in the place where the ture used to sit, but stuff still slides around there, i need to figure out a way to get everything stuck in there right and secured down. any suggestions?

My box did the same sh*t…what I did was where the carpet folds near the seat, I took some screws and washers and screwed the carpet down along the back of the seat. I only used five screws. I haven’t had a problem with the box shifting during cornering anymore, and you cant even tell the screws are there. I also cut the carpet, separating the trunk carpet from the carpet on the back of the seat so that there would not be any pulling of the carpet when I fold the seats down. The box doesnt move on the carpet at all. I have two 12’s and the box is pretty heavy.

Hope this helps ya out! :cool:

I went out and bought a big sheet of plywood and used the old trunk board layout to draw the shape on the plywood…then I used a jigsaw and cut out the plywood so that it matches the shape of the old board. I bought some L-shaped brackets and mounted the box and my amp to the board…it doesn’t slide anywhere anymore…it sits firm and doesn’t slide.

I just have pieces of wood along the floor pushing the box to one side… it hasn’t moved around yet. But I don’t think it’s as effective as getting the L-shaped brackets an screwing it to the cardboard under the carpet.


I’ve got the best answer for stopping your carpet from sliding around.

I went over to Home Depot and picked up this rubber like sheet, it’s meant for using on a work bench underneath whatever you are working on. It’s very tacky so the object doesn’t slide around.

I placed the sheet underneath the carpet, and it works great. Carpet doesn’t move at all. :slight_smile:


I’ve got better:

Get a rear strut tower brace.

Drill holes through the back of your cab, right on top of and below the spots where the strut tower brace contact your cab.

Now insert some bolts from the inside and put a bolt to secure it on the cab.

Now cut out or find some pieces of aluminum in the shape of a rectangle that you could use as a bracket that will fit over the top stud and bottom stud.

Drill holes through the aluminum so they can be used as brackets. Use some fly nuts to keep the brackets bolted to the cab, and voila. That thing will NEVER move.

I personally put a rubber lining on the backside of the brackets to ensure a non-slip and scratch resistant contact point with the brackets and tower brace. Let me know if you’ve got any questions, and if people are really interested maybe I can get some pics!

just be sure you dont screw into your gas tank or your spare tire… or any other vital organs of your car… (ive hit the gas tank before and it is not fun to replace…) but hey… its all part of the learning process…

excellent idea, i was thinking about that strut brace that’s sitting back there, being an excellent place to bolt the box too, i think i’ll go out and get the hardware to do it this weekend… :smiley:

The best idea i’ve heard for this is to put eye hooks in the floor on each side of the box. then strap the box down with bungee cords. This way when you wanna take your box out (which happens a lot) you don’t have to unscrew anything. just unstrap it and go.

The strut brace thing works really well.

i use this foamy spongy thing (dont know what it is called)under the carpet over the plastic part covering the the spare. This stuff is used for putting under mats on hardwood floor so they dont slide around and so far it works, my 2 10s dont seem to move at all