how to take dash pad out

the last thing left in the scrap g2 i bought for the interior is the dash- never taken one out b4 and don’t have all day at the junk yard to figure it out- anyone know exactly how to take the dash pad out- can you just take the pad out or is it a part of the entire dash? are there certain bolts i need to remove behind the dash for it to come out that i’d be stumped as to how to get it out unless i knew exactly where they were- any suggestions? thanks guys- later

with dash-pad do you mean the frame like structure around the gauge assembly and the heater control panel? if that is the case you gotta remove the lower dashboard cover on the driver side and the coin box underwhich we have the hidden screws. but if you mean the whole dash, one important screw is the one behind the dash clock. furthermore remove thye panel for the fan and air mix control knob, thre are screws under that one too.

yeah i already removed the lower dash- the panels that are screwed onto the upper part- i need to get the rest of it off- thanks for the info on the screw behind the clock though- if you can think of anything else lemme know- thanks

there is one other hidden one behind the small trapezoid like cover, near the heater control assembly. this cover has horizontal lines on it, to be more specific it is next to the fresh air button of the control assembly. you can pry that one out using a very thin blade. Furthermore there are clips where the lower dash cover meets the frame , it is easier if you unfasten tehm first