how worn should my p73s be after....

about 95 miles of break in driving?

these are my pistons after i pulled the head

oh and sirtef9…

first of all
i wasnt asking why or how i blew my headgasket
i questioned whether my pistons shudd have this
much wear after only 95 miles…

i know it was a bone head move by not tightening
the rad cap enuff but if u think about it, it may be
a good thing because i might have been sold a set
of used pistons at brand new price

and sirtef9 to answer your question
i drove it with the cap loose for about 12 miles
it reached the H after about 7 or 8 miles
so i was maybe driving while it was hot for about 4 miles 5 tops

what are you talking about? those pistons are not worn.

put some new spark plugs in and drive on them for 95 miles and take them out. see what they look like

its just that i have seen pistons after about 500 miles and they look like this

and the piston in the second picture just seemed like a little much because the p73 is actually a lil smoothed out from the combustion… sorry just seemed weird…

but brand new pistons would look similar after such few miles?

so judging by what you said viprtwo they should look like that

I just wanted more information to help you out, and honestly they don’t look bad at all unless your running something clean like methanal. 4 to 5 miles of driving it in the “H” will warp your head so be careful…

k thx im gonna have the surface of my head checked out and hopefully have my baby up and running tomorro or thursday…

sorry for the noob questions but this is my first time doing all of this…

i actually learned how to drop my tranny and replace the clutch and everything which kicked my efffin ass

id be more worried about the rust on the cly. walls but it looks like it would wipe buddys p73 pistions looked cleaner the that after 5k when well his motor got sick and puked up a rod.

yeh it should wipe off ill go check it in a minute… cuz i had it bored .25 over…

but can someone answer my question if they should look like this after only 95 miles?

i just need to kno before i confront my mechanic about being shady on the pistons

dude, was your car tuned?? any idea how rich or lean your motor was running? if not, then dont worry

theres nothing wrong with your pistons. its just carbon build up. you can pull the pistons out and get them cleaned off if you want.

i’ve seen pistons come out of 200whp allmotor cars that are bblack across the entire top.

if there was mechanical damage, i’d worry, but nothing is wrong as far as i can see. you have to remember yo uhave high compression… the CC will get hotter than a stock motor, not to mention, again, i dont know if your motor was running right in the first place.

at this point, there is really no way to tell if you were sold used pistons or not. even 500 miles on pistons is basically new. but new pistons will get hot and discolor, not to mention, if you were running rich, you’ll get more carbon build up.

you didnt ask to see the motor before your builder slapped the head on?? in that case, just stop sketching in your head, and just clean the rust off and slap the head back on

Dude, that is pretty normal. You do know that the pistons are pretty porous meaning they they will look dirtier than say, forged pistons when in contact with carbon, carbon being the byproduct of combustion? How intensive was the rebuild? I see you said it was bored .25 over, is that in mm? Were the pistons bought by yourself? How positive are you that they are 81.25mm pistons? Being that it was bored, were the bearings and everything replaced? Not that it matters as far as the rich burn of your motor but it does give us insight about what type of mechanic did the work. I think we need some mo/moe/more answers my friend :slight_smile: .

thx for the replies…

it was a full rebuild i got back with 0 miles

every bearing brand new and everything micropolished whole 9

thx for the help and now u guys can continue to help others in need:cookie: