are the exedy clutches that they sell the organic ones?
or are they stock replacements?

you can get any of there kinds… get the full face organce stage 1 30% over stock.

It’s damn good pedal feel is a little tougher but it grips well 30% more then stock lol which in my eyes is a whole shit load better.

and clutch city online is fast and good prices


I have Exedy organic clutch for a 90-92 Integra for sale if interested.

Not humanly possible. 90-92? it is either 90-91 with 21 (i think) input splines or 92-93 25 (i think again) input splines.

pretty much 92-up b trannies have more input splies then 88-91 b trannies.

You probably got 90-91.