I am tired of being cheap so help me decide what to get!!!!! thanks

I am really tired of riding on stock and those tockios blues… i have some neuspeed springs 2’’ drop so what are the best struts to get? i want a NICE RIDE
help me out i wanna do this right the first time since i plan on spending some money
thanks again

oh if u have a brand can u supply a link ebay or whatever

one word: KONI

second word: YELLOWS


haha felt like whoring

Bilstein (if avalible)

i’ll check all of those

anyone selling some or know where i could get those for a good price?

Fourth Word: Shocks

5th word :expensive! sorry I’m bored. :stuck_out_tongue:

Koni yellows with Ground Controls …or custom rate Ground Controls …or tokico Illuminas with the GC’s or custom rate GC’s…

whats wrong with your tokico blues?

TIEN SS coilovers. http://www.Rev-Auto.com

Koni Yellow’s.

End of thread. They are the last shock you will ever need, just have them revalved by Koni whenever you feel the need.

tokico hp 230 for all four on ebay. look up karuma racing store on ebay

ok, ill be like the 1288 to recommend Koni Yellows

For the price of Koni Yellows you can probably pick up the Omni full coilover setup (when they come out) for a little more, or these www.d2racing.com.tw/absorber-racing.htm I just saw them at sema they are 36 way adjustable. Supposed to sell for $1000. But haven’t heard from anyone who has them.

I am still trying to decide what to do next. I currently have GC’s with KYB GR2’s. Either gonna go with Koni Yellows with my GC’s, or the D2 Racing Coilovers or the JIC coilovers.


Get illuminas and ground controls. same price as just the koni yellows.

either that or omnipower full coilovers from kteller.com for 650. they only list a few applications on the site, but believe me he’s got 'em all. :up:

i should’ve put this out there…im looking for something for around 250-350

thats it

you’re probably gonna spend a little bit more. look into a promotion package to save money.

Somebody got the tokico package off Ebay with springs and dampers, wasen’t much more than $300 I don’t think. If you are gonna keep your Neuspeed springs then some Illuminas are in the price range you are looking for. If you want new everything and want to only do it once, you will have so spend more than $300.


unless they are adjustable in both compression and rebound and that is the total (18 for each, which is still excessive)

with koni yellow shocks, what springs do u guys suggest?

and does anyone know if they sell Koni Reds for G2 integras? i would do that with nuespeed springs. its cheaper, but u cant adjust them.