I am ver confused

WHOA! first off, wanted to ay hi to everyone in this sweet forum because, obviously, the G2I is the greatest car to ever be built. But recently my thoughts on that have changed when i went to get in my car to go to school and my car turned on just fine and then, voila, nothing else useful did. My Aiwa head unit didnt turn on (but had power because it would accet and reject CDs) and my windshield wipers didnt wor(but the motors were runnig) and then my bloer wouldnt turn on (but the AC did) and my cigg ligher didnt work and after all of this,I REALLY WANTED A SMOKE!. at first, i tought "well, maybe i shold check all of my fuses. I did this and they all checked out fine. I thought they would because my clock still worked and the clock and the cigg lighter and the radio are on he same fuse. my nxt idea was that a connection went bad or got disconnected. So i tore apart my dash and console, looking fr anything that ooked fishy. Still nothing. So i come to you good poeple with my dilemma and hope to get a usefl answer besides the one i get from everyone else i talk to “sell the car”. who the hell i going to buy a car with no working electronics on it? not me, thats for damn sure. and my teggy has a sentimental atachment to me. The “SKRRRT” as we refer to it as woul haveits feelings hurt and i, personally, would neve feelright again in another car. like cheating on my girlfriend in the same city or something. HELP!

sounds like you need to bust out the multimeter. test all your main voltages, sounds like a symptom of the famed ignition switch.