I could use knowledgeble help

I own a 93 Teg RS. I have put all of the bolt-on mods that I can on the motor, but I am ready to step up and find some real power somewhere. I have done the typical mods such as header, 2.25" exhaust w/ no cat, CAI, NGK plugs, etc. The problem is that I have been talking to quite a few people over the past month regarding what the best course of action is for me and my motor. Since it is an automatic, I have been told the only way I can get it really fast is to convert to a stick and a GS-R tranny and slap a turbo in it. I have also been informed to “just add a 50 shot and you’ll be set.” Others have said go turbo with the automatic, while some say go supercharger. Finally, I was told to get a Type-R head and work with the motor I have (B18A1) and it will be perfect for what I want. I am really going out of my mind here! I want the best bang for my buck speed mods. Can someone that knows, give me either some help or some links to where I should be reading. I want to do this right the first time, and there are just too many people out there steering me in a million directions. Since it’s a Gen 2 and this is g2ic.net, I figure I can’t go wrong. I have been researching and I’m reading as much as time permits on this site, but I just really need a simple breakdown that will help me just to the next step of planning. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks -Rob

Bad title. Read FAQ.