I fucked up, Speed-o-meter cable

quick and to the point. The other day i was takin out my gauge cluster and i actually managed to get my arm behind there and disconnect the speedometer cable (i spelled it wrong in the title on purpose) after i got the cluster out and actually saw what i did there was alot of cussing. The clip came off of the cable, how do i get it back on? i tried to push it back on but i noticed they kind of crimped that metal peice down onto the cable so it wont fit back on now. So now i also am thinkin while this is off i might as well get some white faces like i was plannin cause i don’t wanna take that damn thing out again. are the NR white faces currently still the cleanest looking? i’m not worried about any indiglo i jus want white faces, suggestions?

Also a tip for anyone else i got my arm in on the left side of the cluster and i sanded down some of the plastic that was tearin into my arm and it made it better

That exact same thing happened to me. I once pulled the clip off the line. I just managed tos hove it back on almost all the back ontot he line after some struggling. future tip… don’t waste time messing wth the cable from the cluster. disconnect the speedo cable from the actual tranny, then feed that line throught eh friewall. gives you much more slack.